Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Magnificent Betty

Some of the images of Sunday night's Mad Men episode popped up on our facebook feed today and we noticed resemblance to one of our cards. When we designed it we did have Betty in mind, but this shot (apart from the ciggy) is pretty spot on.

I think I'll need to reference that jacket with those over sized collars in a future card though, they are just too good. Our Mum the Magnificent card is available on Etsy, for those lucky enough to have a Betty Mum (hopefully without the withholding, emotionally immature ice cold thing she has going on!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

How to save some bucks

Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Hitched

Things have felt a little slow at Able and Game HQ due to some distractions in the way of us getting hitched. We've not been talking about it too much, to the point that some of our closest friends didn't even know until a few weeks before the big day. We had a tiny ceremony in a tiny park in Brunswick and everything worked out just right, and not just because Gareth turned up! Afterwards we drank champagne and then headed to Pope Joan for a lovely dinner to celebrate.

We have not organised a honeymoon, we don't have any rings and almost 2 weeks in and I'm still saying partner instead of husband, so as Gareth said all along, it doesn't change much. Although I am sure our parents don't agree!

My housemate from art school, Karina, took photos on the day and did a pretty amazing job, you can find her at Radio Halo photography. My hair and make up was by Poppy and Dana at Kenny and the Sunshine Girls in North Melbourne.The dress was the first one I tried on when I went shopping with my Mum and Sister in January. I walked past it and my sister brought it over. I almost poopoo-ed it because I don't love love purple, but I tried it on and turns out it was the one (after putting it aside and trying on loads of other dresses!).

Oh and it was my birthday, so I said my present was my husband enough times to possibly annoy people. Happy birthday me!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Going away?

I was walking down the corridor of our office building and overheard a guy say this to his friend. I'm trying to always wear my that's perfect for a card thinking cap so I quickly ran back to my desk (after making a cup of tea, the reason I was up in the first place) and drew it up right away. I think the mood of this card is a mixture of I'm excited for you yet masking my sadness with this thumbs up.

The card is available from our Etsy shop here.

Friday, January 31, 2014

You don't make friends with the iron

In our house we have a lot of our own tea towels. I like to think of it as a perk of the job that I get to keep the dud prints that have accumulated over the last the 4 years. Although not technically free, they feel free. The tea towels are a 100% linen via Eastern Europe that we source from a supplier in NSW. When they arrive they have a slight stiffness from starch and don't feel like they would be very good at drying the dishes. In fact they are rather terrible at drying things until the first wash when they shrink a little and become a lot more like a tea towel and the linen is lovely fabric to use in the kitchen as its hard wearing and absorbent.

A few months back the cupboard we keep our tea towels in a hot mess with tea towels shoved in and knotted up so much that they all fell out on top of you when you tried to remove just one. I decided to solve this problem by ironing my tea towels into a neat pile and putting them away. A lofty plan I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up, not because I didn't revel in the fact that it was the easiest ironing job in the world or from the satisfaction I got removing all the creases and turning a crinkly, wobbly pile of mess into something neat and ordered. No, it was lofty because retrieving the iron and board out of the cupboard was something I would avoid for no reason other than a good old fashion case of the can't be bothereds. The other night when I opened the tea towels cupboard and again saw the mess they were in I quickly got the iron out before my lazy brain (yes, there is a right side, a left side and a lazy side) had a chance to realise what was going on.

Now look at them sitting there all neat, with the sun shining in like some kind of aaaaahhhhh laaaaaa divine moment in a film. That is the universe telling me I need to iron them more often.

You can buy our tea towels on Etsy and if you, like me, are a lazy brained person then just stretch them our before hanging them up on the line so they dry nice and flat.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Op Shops

The best op-shop finds include but are not limited to the following:

  • Shoes that you like, that fit and they are not stale inside.
  • Tupperware with lid that doesn't smell like 4 month old cottage cheese.
  • Exactly what you want to wear to a fancy dress party, all for under $20
  • decent winter coat with pockets that don't have holes in them. Bonus points there is a $2 note in said pocket.
  • That birthday cake book. The old edition.
  • Ed Hardy tops that you can wear ironically while walking down Chapel Street.
  • A jigsaw puzzle that has cats on it and all the pieces.
  • A wedding dress (you never know when you will be invited to a Mamma Mia themed party.
  • The X-Files Boxed Set Volume 2 on VHS to complete your set.
  • A jumper with cats on it.
  • An exercise machine from the early '90s that looks like it will give you either permanent leg cramp or take an eye out.
  • The above card in a box with other cards with a funny, yet heartfelt message written inside.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eating Overseas Part Two

Last year we had a competition on our newsletter (to sign up just enter your email address into the form on the left hand side!) and asked people to tell us about some bad overseas eating experiences. Now these types of stories are stories I will never grow tired of so when the email entries starting coming in I was enthralled, so much so I decided to draw them. As I am leaving today for an overseas trip I thought I would share some more of the drawings. You can see the first lot I posted in October over here.

Food is always a funny subject, and I am well aware that my aversion to lots of things is purely psychosomatic, like the time I ate venison heart not knowing what it was. Turns out it was delicious, but had I known what it was I doubt it would have gone anywhere near my eating trap.

If you have any stories you would like to share feel free to tweet, facebook or
email them to us.