Monday, April 6, 2009

It is just aquatic chicken!

When I was little I wasn't a big fan of tuna, but it was a regular meal at our house. My Mum knew I was just being fussy and used to tell me it was just aquatic chicken so I would eat it. Apparently it worked very well and I would often request it.

During our teenage years my brother, sister and I would often complain when tuna casserole was on the menu. Once we had left home I remember Mum telling me my sister requested it for dinner when she went back and I thought it was interesting that once we left home it was something we really missed. I've spoken to other people and they say the same thing, they all missed it the most when they left home, but didn't like it much growing up. This new Able and Game card is now available on Etsy, just in case your Mum doesn't know your feelings on her cooking.