Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

So those of you that know me know I am a bit crazy about cats. My obsession is mainly fueled by our lack of cat due to renting, so any chance I get to see or talk cats I will take. I had looked up cat shows in Melbourne after Gareth got this t-shirt a few months back and knew there was a big one coming up in May, but because it was on over the weekend it didn't work with our market schedule. My friend sent me the details after seeing the article in The Age's Melbourne magazine on Friday and after a negotiation with Gareth (easy when he gets to sit next door to Record Attemps at Rose Street on Sunday) to run our stall for a few hours I got to go to the cat show.

It was all a bit nusto, so many cats in one room, so many crazy cat people in one room. I went with Sally, who has a stall at Rose Street on Saturday and she was a great cat companion to put up with my never ending "oh my, look at this one" chatter. I have no idea how they judge the shows, I find that part all a bit odd. The 'aiming for perfection' with the breeding is strange and something I'm not 100% sure about, all cats are lovely right? But I tried to put that out of my head and enjoy a room with over 200 cats inside.

If you saw the article in The Melbourne Magazine you might recognise Ice Princess in the picture below. The owner John was really lovely and let us ask him lots of questions about the show and his cat, who unsurprisingly, is a bit of a princess. After totally going cat show crazy and being on a cat high I have made a card based on the show and the award of supreme rosette, awarded to best in show cat. I think it is a great card to give to your special someone and I know it is a card I would give to Gareth in a flash!