Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I read your zine, it was a dream!

A few weeks ago I was looking at the online Sticky Institute Shop via the Three Thousand Website. For some reason I didn't realise you could by the zines online so I went a bit hog wild and got a whole bunch. I set myself a budget and ended up with about 7 or 8 zines. One of my favourites was Macarons are not Macaroons a kind of story/recipe book on how to make both macaroons and macarons.

A few months back I gave the macarons a try for a friend's hens party. I failed - they are very hard to make. I used a recipe from the Black Apple blog and thought I was going to do okay as Emily had done all of the hard work trying out a bunch of recipes to find one that works. Then on Monday night I saw they were making them on Masterchef and kinda wish I had have watched it, just to see what they did! I'm not sure if I will make them again, the sugar headache from eating only one or two made me feel ill for a day or so. But this guy above in the little yellow shorts, he isn't scared of sugar brain! And my tip for chai latte (from Hollie), make them with rice milk. It adds a bit of sweetness and makes it much more delish.

PS if you're thinking of getting some zines from Sticky, I also recommend Dates I have been on and not been on. The part about speed dating that required the participants to bring along a book was much better than anything a gossip mag could ever provide!