Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things we love - The Astor

Growing up in Melbourne it seems that the one rule for share houses was you must have The Astor poster stuck up on the back of your toilet door. I think the first time I saw a poster I was probably 21, Lambrusco-d up and thinking is this a list of films I have to see by the time I'm 30 because I've got LOADS of time before that happens.

Gareth and I went the other night and here are the following reasons why we love The Astor:

- They have a cat that lives at the cinema. He was sitting on a sofa when we were there so I got to sit and have a pat.

- You can see two films for $15

- They show films that were made when my parents were under 10 that are in colour. We used to tease my parents whenever they spoke about their childhood by saying "wasn't everything black and white back then?"

-The olde world charm makes you feel like the star of a noir film, even if you're in your trackies.