Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road Trip Day One: DC to Roanoke VA

Route: Washington DC to Roanoke VIrginia
Date: Wednesday 6th June
Departed: 10.15am
Arrived: 4.30pm
Stops: Strasburg VA
Distance: 390 km
Arguments: 3*

We left on our trip a little apprehensive about a few things. Mainly getting lost, arguing and the phone running out of battery. We arrived with 5% left and a plan to get a car charger for tomorrow.

Strasburg, the town we stopped into for lunch was lovely, super cute and friendly. The place we planned on eating at was shut but a lovely lady Marcy called out to try Hi Neighbour across the street. Marcy also had a shop selling local artworks which we popped into after and I got some cards with cats drinking wine. Perfect!

Roanoke (we asked Marcy how to pronounce it, we had no clue, turns out the e is silent) is a lot bigger (google maps can be deceiving) than we thought. We stayed in a B and B built in the late 19th century that is rather impressive. The innkeepers suggested a restaurant down the road for dinner and after we took a stroll and saw 10 cats. I decided if I ever open a B&B it will be a cat B&B and each room will be named after a cat. Virginia is also super pretty, so lush and green. Driving through the country I have to admit the farm girl in me got excited about seeing all the barns. I hope farm girls from the US get equally excited when they see sheds in Australia.

*When we spoke about how many arguments we had we ended up having an argument. Winners!