Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Back in summer I heard an ad on RRR for the Thornbury Theatre and they mentioned an upcoming event and my ears pricked up. Melbourne City Wrestling. I decided this could be fun and would definitely be interesting so Gareth and I took a sideways bus from Brunswick over to Thornbury to check it out. When I walked in and saw the ring (we got there a bit late and things had got underway) I think I had to take a moment to take in how awestruck I was. The combination of something over the top that I'd only seen on the television right here in a local grassroots format had me standing there mouth gaped like OMG cat.

A confession I need to make, at 14 I used to tape the WWE on Sunday and my little teenage country mind was blown by the whole thing. The totally over the top spectacle appealed to me as it seemed a world away from my tiny life in East Gippsland. Then something happened and I lost interest and for that travesty I'm going to blame The Smiths, The Cure and The Voilent Femmes.

16 years later I was reminded of my love for it as a kid, a love it turns out Gareth also shares. It was one of the best date nights we've been on in a while although they are not that hard to top with food/drink/TV our usual perfect night. We've been a couple of times since with friends and had just as much fun so it wasn't just the magic of that first hot summer night sinking pints of Coopers Sparkling and winning 'tweet of the night' that made it appealing.

Such an impact it made, we decided to make a wrestling card a few months back in honour of the night. The dude is a bit of a big deal (obviously), perfect for anyone who is champion of you world. He is available on Etsy.