Friday, February 3, 2012

Game on Game - Triple Town

Just before Christmas my phone totally died and I'm still mourning its loss. This is rather significant as I went from an iPhone 3 operating on a very old system that prevented me downloading most new aps to an iPhone 4S with Siri (OMG SIRIIII!!!! I call it Suri and I never really use it much except maybe while in the car. It does impress parents when you say things like "I love you" and "how are you?"). After 2 years of owning an iPhone I stopped downloading and playing games. Then I downloaded Triple Town and I was back into game addicted full throttle.

I wonder if they have done studies on game addiction and if it is similar to the drugs going round your body when you fall in love. The ones that are meant to be like cocaine. (BTW have you seen cocaine bear? It has swear words. Now you have been warned you can look.)

Back to Triple Town. It is like the smarter cousin to all those 'match three objects' games like Bejewelled, but you have to build a city and not run out of space. Things turn into bigger and better things when you match three of more of the same object. So three grass becomes a bush, three bush becomes a tree, three trees becomes a house and so on. There are weird bears and annoying ninjas and little tricks to help/hinder you along the way.

Cost: Free, then $4.99 for more "moves" (a bit pricey for a phone game).
How long till you get the hang of it: A few games.
Play it when: Anytime.
Platform: iPhone/Android (apparently it was originally on kindle?)
IQ Improvement: 15
Addictiveness: High
Honeymoon is over: When you don't see much improvement in your skills.