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You can be Chakotay and I'll be Seven of Nine

Oh no, who is number two?

Help us!

Gareth and I need you help with our new Valentine's Day Cards. We have created a survey to find out what you think of the cards. The survey should take between 5-10 minutes to finish and will help Gareth and I develop Able and Game.

If you do the survey before Thursday 20th of November you can go into the running to win:
- a felt lady badge
- An original drawing for one of the cards
- A screenprinted pouch

To go in the running you need to fill in your email at the end of the survey. The email wont be used for promotional purposes, it will just be used to find a winner then destroyed.

To start the survey click here.

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And you're all mine!

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Osso Bucco is my speciality

And I'm totally sweet on you

Tick tock tick tock!

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Commitment is my Middle Name

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You noticed my guns?