Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walking till your feet cry

We woke up this morning feeling tired after our super long flight and decided to cure the jet lag with a day walking till our feet felt faint. We are staying near Prospect Park in Brooklyn (our housemate told us it was designed by the same guy who did Central Park) so we went there first as I read they had a farmer's market. The park is epic, it makes Carlton Gardens look like an apartment balcony garden. We found the market, a whole four stalls (Saturdays are the day...) and got some apples, apple cider and apple cider doughnuts!

We visited Williamsburg, then Wall Street (I just finished American Psycho so I was Bateman spotting) then Tribeca and Soho. Gareth wanted to go to the Ghostbusters HQ (quick question: Will this trip be film/tv locations heavy? Answer: I hope so) so we popped by for a dorky photo. We grabbed some food at La Esquina (I can't hyperlink, this blogger app is badic. Here is the link )after a few recommendations and it was rather yummo. We also visited the Kiosk store ( ) which was full of amazing stuff.

Here are a few pics of the day including the smaller pond at Prospect Park. Bottles floated on the algae, but it was such a pretty colour.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Off we go to the USA. We'll be mobile blogging and this is our test to see it all works okay. Airplane mode needs to go on.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Hugument

Gareth and I came up with this concept the other night. We were discussing ways to "improve" arguments and we decided that the HUGUMENT was the way to do it.

This is how it works, during the argument you need to hug the other person at the same time. We figure the body contact will make you happy, making you less likely to get too angry.

Please note this probably wouldn't work if you got into an argument with a stranger on public transport in the middle of summer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mum and other things

Mother's Day this Sunday. We've had some fun designing new cards and remembering that our Thanks For The Lift card was why we started this all in the first place. Our Gosh Darn Mum is also available on Etsy.

Eleanor at Kick and Screen has great screenprinting packs available on her Etsy site. Wanted to get into screenprinting but don't want to shell out on a gocco? This would be the way to do it.

Somehow I missed the viral train that is Fenton. I don't know how that happened but maybe you missed it too? If not I'm sure a rewatch will bring a smile to your face.

Did you ever want to be a food blogger just for a day? Now here's your chance.

Speaking of food, have you eaten at Colonel Tan's at Revolver Upstairs? We are doing the monthly market tonight and they have one of our favourite menus in Melbourne.

Hannakin does the Rose Street Market and her stuff is really really lovely. Gareth and I were swooning over it on Sunday (He has a print stuck up in his office). Cute illustrations with a bit of an edge (some had the swears, I love the swears!) Here is an interview with her at the Finders Keepers blog.

I loved this post by Emily from The Black Apple on exercise.  Often when you work from home or for yourself you can get stuck in a bit of a rut. You forget to take time out to do these things because you get "so so busy". It's always nice to hear from others going through the same thing.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Last Friday some magnets we ordered from StickyGram arrived in the post from the UK. I'd heard about them on a blog post I read a while back about different things you could purchase using images from Instagram. I think at the time I wasn't using Instagram so I wasn't that interested in them.

Since joining Instagram (and I have to admit it is now a firm favourite) the magnet idea stuck in my head so I thought I would order some. I got a mix of images I really love and then some funny ones as well as the manditory cat one and they are now stuck up on our fridge. I think they would be a perfect little gift for someone far away (pics of family for Mother's Day) as you can just ship directly to them.

My plan is to get another magnet of the image above (which I uploaded to Instagram) and then start one of those never ending sequences of images within images and blow my tiny mind.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Smelly Cookies Crisps Links

I made these biscuit/cookies from Smitten Kitchen last night just so I could tell people I've cooked a biscuit with potato chips inside. You can see them in the pic above, I also covered them in chocolate just because you can. I also like how in the Smitten Kitchen image of the dough getting dipped in sugar it looks like a potato. The world is crazy right?

Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt on the red carpet.

Did anyone play Moonpatrol as a kid? I like how you can find and play your old games from the '80s, although they are always a bit different. I remember the levels were letters and at playtime people would talk about how so and so got to level Q.

Lara from Ink and Spindle has some new limited edition prints and they are pretty amazing.

Yeah it is getting cold in Melbourne so everyone gets out the needles/crochet hooks. I'm the worst at it (following directions? Not going to happen) but if I could crochet a blanket like these granny squares I would be happy.

I know this letter exchange with Yarra Trams was all over The Age yesterday but I'm going to post it anyway because it made me giggle, mainly because of the cricket references. Gareth is a big one for saying he is going to write a letter (both good and bad) but rarely does.

Oh and we got new postcards, You Smell Swell is the newest edition to our postcard collection. It is very warm and pink, the dude has the coolest hair and he is in the esteemed yellow shorts brigade.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What type of Mum do you have?

Mummy Bird flowers the award for the best mum thanks for the lift card tuna casserole mum the magnificent my mum rocks

We did this little quiz for our newsletter last month (yeah, we sent it last night just in the nick of time!) and I thought it might be fun to share on the blog. I used my own Mum for the funny Mum inspiration and the quote was from an SMS she sent me a few weeks back. I'm sure if she is reading this she is breathing a sigh of relief as there were MANY funny SMS to chose from.

The image was a bit wide so I've shrunk it down a wee bit so hopefully you can read all the text. if not all the cards and gifts have been hyperlinked for your clicking pleasure. Although I might need to give you a minute after looking at that bottom right hand pic.