Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My friend Jodie sent this to me yesterday thinking I would get some laughs from it. I think my favourite part is when the kid gets shot in the leg for stepping on the yellow line. We have a new Melbourne card coming out very soon, we took a trip to Geelong on the weekend so can you guess which station it might be?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Around the studio

A few photos around my studio layered up to create a little bit of strangeness. I was going about getting all six images the same size by lowering the transparency on the first two layers (hey doesn't everyone do these jobs in a round about way like me?) and realised the images looked rather interesting this way.

Cats and images of Gareth feature strongly, as does his new taste in coffee (if anyone finds out will we be booted from Brunny East?) and a map of Melbourne stations from an old school Melways. I've included an image below of the six images pre-amalgamated, my pixels didn't line up and I had to adjust/crop them some more.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2012 calendars

Our 2012 calendars have been available for a couple of week now so I thought I better get round to blogging about them. We have four designs, the girls, the boys, the kitties and the Melbourne stations.

I bet you're wondering which one is my favourite, well it is the kitty one of course! I drew it up last year but ran out of time to get it bound (you know what December is like) and ended up making about 6 of them a week before Christmas. There is a whole bunch of non card drawings in the calendar as well as the familiar cats from our growing range of kitty cards. I think the kittens playing risk is a real favourite, so many levels of catlolz in that one!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, the life of the zombie artiste!

This week I have mostly been drawing zombies. They are for a new tea towel design featuring people from our cards that didn't survive the zombie apocalypse. Poor Why yes I have been working out guy, he had been training on that treadmill for years only to discover he can't outrun the undead!

I did these drawings with a brush and ink, different from the usual fine liner technique I always use and I liked how loose and free they are. For the final design I ended up sticking to the fine liner but I think I will use this technique for some future card designs.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lambrusco or Fruity Lexia

A few weeks ago Gareth and I took a trip to East Gippsland to visit the parents and get some fresh country air into our lungs. It was a lovely few days off spent watching the Brownlow Count (something we have not done in a long time, go Swanny!) and eating and drinking lots of food made by Mother and Father.

Although it was a few days off we like to think it was a business trip because we
a) posted a few Etsy orders from Bairnsdale and
b) took some photos of train stations on the way back to Melbourne.

We knew we wanted to get a photo of Officer station but as we were driving towards Nar Nar Goon we had a bit of a should we/shouldn't drive there for the photo. Lucky we did because we sold a few at Rose Street on the weekend and I think it might be quite popular with the young goon drinking folk. We have the card listed on Etsy ready for all your wine connoisseurs out there.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Solo Date Night