Thursday, March 29, 2012

All systems go

Since moving into our new office three months ago we have been enjoying the extra space and building/buying furniture to store everything. The two spaces we had before this were rather small so every work area had about 4 different uses and often a whole bunch of clutter (my fault).

I arrived into the office on Tuesday after 4 days away in Adelaide to more mega shelves and a packing area that is now a-ok top notch. As I packed an order I had to stop and admire the set up thinking back to the not so long ago days when everything was cramped and the jobs took longer as you had to hunt things down.

If you have ever ordered from us online this is where your order gets made up. We grab an envelope and pop your order in with a little note, a post card and business card then use the red scales on the table to weigh it. We then stick some stamps on the envelope and pop it in the mailbox round the corner by 6pm and hope Australia Post do their magic.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cats in hats on mats

Here is a little sneak peek of a new range of cards we just made. We have been working with colours for a few ranges including the birds, shoes, Wes Says, and yay range so I thought I might add a cat range to the mix. The inspiration came from a book my friend Lizzie sent in the post of cats dressed up in outfits called Fashion Cats. So I made up a few of my own outfits with my favourite being the chain mail, second from the left.

In other news Bowerbird Bazaar is on this weekend in Adelaide and we will be there (along with those cat cards above). The venue has changed and it is now at the Adelaide Showgrounds from Friday 23rd (4pm - 9pm) until Sunday 25th of March (9pm-5pm Saturday and Sunday). If you're in Adelaide come and say hello. We've not been over for about a year and I still remember how lovely the Adelaide customers were

Also, if you're interested in reading an interview I did, pop over to Jodi's blog Art by Wiley. There is lots of other great interviews so have a look around, maybe get yourself a hot drink and relax on the internet.

Also, we are on instagram, our username is ableandgame and we love to follow people who post pics of cats.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh, another cat card? Yeah another cat card.

Dear people who don't like cats,

I hope you are not getting annoyed by all the cat cards because I think I've just scratched (!) the surface. I also hope I am slowly converting you into the kitty kult. You don't have to physically touch them (for all you allergic folk) but hopefully they invade your dreams.

Love Anna

Speaking of cats I discovered a show called Must Love Cats on youtube that Gareth had already secretly purchased for my birthday. He said when he heard me watching it he was both worried I would try to purchase my own copy and happy that he scored well in the present buying category in the Mr. Universe competition he has going on in his mind.

I'm presenting this clip through the eyes of Jeff Winger, if you want to see actual real clips you know where the youtube lives.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh so orange

Across the road from our office is a take away sandwich shop (handy for lazy people like us) and a Middle Eastern dry good supply shop. Gareth popped over to get some snacks (I think we will call them snackadacktels from now on) and this little cracker stood out from the crowd. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "that isn't a cracker, that it is some kind of kids novelty toy where the paint rubs off and the paint isn't paint at all, it's pure unadulterated lead". No, it's not a toy, it's eats! Hopefully not lead infested eats.

The little kitty was a gift from my friend Suzie that stands guard at my computer. It used to live in my bag.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stuff, cats and whatnots

I think I'm going to turn drawing cats into a full time job. Benefits of drawing cats, I get to meet all the other cat obsessed people buying our cat cards. When people buy them I always say "do you like cats??" and then they start going on about their cats and I think to myself this is the best.

How ace are these cat gift bags from Wonderland Room from South Korea?

Other things on the interwebs:

Digital Wallpaper from Catalina Estrada.

Daniel Honan has blog, it is good.

Is your cat called lumpy?

We used to call this guy Stapler, back when we were big SVU fans.

We joined Instagram, like 2 years after everyone else. Our username is ableandgame.

Imagine you're a woman Bernard.

Bridbird is back with new ceramic work.

And what are you plans on the weekend?

We're heading to Ballarat this weekend for the Design Exchange market on Sunday. Gareth will be holding up the fort at Rose Street while I spend a few days in Daylesford to avoid getting up before 7am on Sunday. I'm looking forward to going back to my University town, even if it is just for the day.