Thursday, December 16, 2010

that time of the year

I just realised we have not blogged about a few of our Christmas cards. We made them back in October/Early November when it wasn't really the right time to start promoting them. Then the few weeks after that zinged by and suddenly it is a week and a half before Christmas and this little guy hasn't been getting the attention he deserves!

Christmas cards are not easy to make, coming up with something that works takes about the same amount of creative brain power as 5 romantic cards. So when we do one we like we are all yippees and happy. And this one makes me happy because I like the idea of someone wearing a Christmas Tree. It would be funny!

He is available on Etsy and for all those peeps in Melbourne we have three more markets coming up before Christmas. We also recommend that anyone in Australia wanting to order online to do it by tomorrow morning so we can get it all in the post with enough time to make it by the following Friday (Christmas eve).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Lovely Tea Towels

This is our You're All Sorts of Lovely Tea Towel. When we had to choose which card designs we wanted made into tea towels the two that stood out the most were Zone Two and You're All Sorts of Lovely. The prints came out looking, well lovely! We got the screens done at All Australian Screenprinting Supplies and when I took them out of the paper I think I gasped a little. I've done a lot of screenprinting in the last 4 years, but all of it was hand cut or hand drawn stencils so it was nice to see my own designs on a real screen. The lovely tea towel is available on Etsy and makes a pretty nifty Christmas present for that lovely person in your life!

We will be getting more designs made into tea towels so if you have any suggestions on which card design you would like to use to dry your pots and pans, we are all ears!

Monday, December 6, 2010

On the weekend....

Gareth and I just finished up a big weekend that started Friday and ended when we opened a bottle of Sav Blanc around 7pm last night. With Finders Keepers on Friday and Saturday and then Melbourne Design Market on Sunday as well as old faithful, Rose Street. It was a big weekend, one where Gareth and I had to bring our A game.

A few things I would like mention:

  • Baja Cantina on Glebe Point Road does lovely Mexican food.
  • Make sure you book return flights home on the correct date. Nothing is worse than arriving at the airport tired only to find the flight you booked was for the night before. There were tears, it was a little Amazing Race-ish and the lovely check in lady from Virgin made me feel a lot better.
  • Thank you to everyone that stopped by and said lovely things about our cards, it really was a lot of fun and Gareth and I often say the best thing about making the cards is seeing people laughing out loud at our market stalls.
  • Thank you to our friend Cain and my sister Eliza for helping out at Rose Street and Melbourne Design Market. Such a HUGE help!
  • Gareth is a star.

Now we have the countdown to Christmas with 7 more markets booked. If you're wanting cards or gift ware between now and then and are in Melbourne our website has all our market dates. If you're not in Melbourne or can't get to the markets, there is always our Etsy shop.