Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Our new Able and Game birthday card was an interesting one to make. It didn't involve any drawing, it did involve putting some card under the car tyres and going over them, then putting dirty coffee mugs on the card and other gunky stuff. We scanned the gunky card and added the extra details including the line "it was the last card left in the shop". The printout looks rather realistic and it was a bit scary seeing them at Rose Street on the weekend, I kept thinking someone had left a coffee on the cards and mucked one up. We have put one up on Etsy and although the card isn't specifically a belated birthday card, it suits the occasion quite well.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Over the four days Able and Game spent at Design Made Trade we were lucky that we were surrounded by some lovely people. It was nice to have people to have a chat to during some of the quieter periods of time as well as having something lovely to look at.

Opposite me was James from Tub Designs who made the most beautiful lights. It was nice to be able to look over at his very well decorated space and imagine owning a house full of them. The fabrics he used have a lovely weave to them creating a beautiful effect when switched on.

On my right was Tina from Sudell who made outdoor furniture, including the "tablecloth" design above, which was first made for the Fringe Furniture exhibition in 2007. Her booth looked fantastic as the light going through the middle design creates a lovely effect, which you can see in this press feature on her website.

On my left was Lisa from Lox and Savvy and Rio from Boniko.

Rio from Boniko makes the cutest little socks and capes and came all the way from Perth for the show. Her sister also makes cute little softies from the socks with the cutest quirky details. Rio told me about Japanese ghost videos on Youtube during the show and I just freaked myself out a little watching one then.

Lisa from Lox and Savvy had been a big help to us in the lead up to the show when we emailed asking for some advice. Lisa makes beautiful stationery and was also recently features in Real Living Magazine in a pretty swanky dress.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surviving on Sharpie fumes

The last week has been a bit of a blur and I can't believe it was a week ago I was packing up ready to go to the Carlton Exhibition Buildings to set up for Design Made Trade. The opening night was fantastic fun, especially after spending Tuesday night and all of Wednesday sniffing sharpie fumes and feeling like I was in an episode of Top Design with the deadline looming. A big thanks to Sam for including us in his post on The Vine about the 5 things he loved at DMT and to Lucy for saying lovely things about us on The Design Files.

We also took part in This Is Not A Design Market which was a great event, although I didn't get a chance to have a look around at all the stalls. I wasn't sure what to expect and lucky my parents were in the city and answered my emergency "please come back and help me" sms. Hello to all the people who came by, it was great to chat to you and see that our sense of humour is appreciated by others. Gareth and I both agree, the highlight of making our cards is seeing people laughing and getting enjoyment from them. We will be back at Rose Street this Saturday, hopefully with some new designs, which always seem to come at 2am when we don't have a pen and paper handy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi Oprah!

Have you ever loved someone so much you had to get up on the couch and jump about? People might think you're weird, but jumping on furniture really is quite a bit of fun so combining it with a declaration of love must make it about the best thing ever. This Able and Game card is available in our Etsy shop, and this weekend if you're out and about in Melbourne you might find us at one of the three markets we are doing.

I think this Sunday is going to be the day you bump into everyone in the city, with the
Open House, Design Made Trade and This Is Not A Design Market on. But if you are not out on Sunday you can still come and see us at Design Made Trade or Rose Street on Saturday. Gareth will be at Rose Street on Saturday so go chat to him about how you love his Get Well Monkey card, that Picard is a far better captain than Janeway and how Magic: The Gathering Online is loads of fun.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dawn of the ...?

Who doesn't like a Zombie film? Even if you think you don't like them there is always Shaun of the Dead and Fido, both have what I call "friendly zombies", the kind even unfit people can most likely make a getaway from. Just stay well clear of 28 Days Later, unless you're a Sandra Bullock fan, in which case you should have rented 28 Days.

For the king of zombie films look no further than George. Just check him out for his glasses alone! Able and Game have a new card that is a bit of a tribute to the man himself, a card that lets people know you like them. A card that says if you were a zombie you would hunt high and low for their brains first. The card is on Etsy, and will of course be at Rose Street this weekend. I'm hoping some Zombie fans come along, we need more suggestions for our next Zombie Film Night.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yellow Peril

The third installment in our range of Melbourne cards. This one is a housewarming card and based on the story of Melbourne's most controversial public art piece, The Vault by Sydney Artist Ron Robertson Swan. Having studied Public Art at university as well as having an Art History Lecturer who wrote a book on the subject I've always had an interest in the history of something so big and yellow. This Able and Game card is available on Etsy, as well as at our weekly stall at the Rose Street Artist Market. Oh and If you're wondering, I'm a big fan of the sculpture. When I went to take the photos I fell in love with it again, despite the fact that is was pouring with rain and I was getting very wet very quickly.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fan our tweets!

If you're wanting to keep up with Able and Game news you can follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Twitter has been really handy for getting opinions and ideas from people when I've been designing the cards. When I was making the Altona Northcote card from the last post I put a request up on Twitter for the names of hospitals in Melbourne know for their maternity ward and in a minute or so I had lots of responses from people on where to go to have babies. Very handy when you like to get information superfast like I do, but not so good when you're Richard Wilkins.