Monday, April 30, 2012


I did a bit of bike decorating today to spruce up my otherwise dull white wire basket as a little side project. I don't have a cute wicker one for my baguettes and kittens I haul around Brunswick so I thought I would trendy it up with some bright yellow flowers. It doubles as a high-vis vest for the bike, very important for riding around at dusk when you need to be seen. Gareth told me it looks a bit foppish and I do agree with him so I used the it's about safety as my defence.

Monday, April 23, 2012

What is the best party you've ever been to?

I remember when I was at uni and we went to this house party in this huge weird three story house. It had a rooftop garden (by garden I mean concrete area) and and intercom system. I decided to play that dizzy game where you spin round holding a broom then see how funny it is when you let go and run. On a rooftop with a fence between you and the ground I realised that I could have easily been a contender for the Darwin award that night. But when you're 20 and you do stupid stuff you're onto another drink of passionpop without a care in the world.

What happened at one of your favourite parties or do you have too many good ones to remember? Our party card is on Etsy, ready to help get the party started.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The big 0

I had a funny conversation with a woman in Adelaide asking for a Ha Ha Ha! Sixty card. We started with the 30 card and added more only because people requested them. I was worried people might think they were a bit mean but after a woman about to turn 50 explained it was the perfect card for her friend who was also turning 50 I realised it was just me being a bit naive. We will probably have to do 70, 80, 90 as well.

If you're wanting to buy them online we have Ha Ha Ha! Thirty (girl), Ha Ha Ha! Thirty (boy), Ha Ha Ha! Forty (girl), Ha Ha Ha! Forty (boy), Ha Ha Ha! Fifty (girl), Ha Ha Ha! Fifty (boy), Ha Ha Ha! Sixty (girl) and finally Ha Ha Ha! Sixty (boy).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Molecule Shop

This month we have asked to take part in Molecule Shop. Molecule is an architecture firm based in Melbourne and each month they showcase different products. I went in to set up our pin board yesterday and took a few snaps of the view.

This month there are a few food and drink related products with curry mix and a Madonna inspired french drink as well as the Hungry Girls Cookbook.

Molecule also have a gallery space, a 2 meter square cube used for installations and a food blog which features preserves and cake. I'm a bit of a fan of a creative enterprise having these other outlets for creativity and inspiration. It reminds me of something I read on Lara from Ink and Spindle's blog recently about allowing yourself to be creative in other areas. Often we get so bogged down with our day to day creativity we forget it is important to do other things and not feel guilty.

The other great thing about visiting the Molecule space is the view. I know people rave about views from way up high, but there is something special about viewing the city from a midpoint, so you can see in between the buildings.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Board Games

What is your favourite board game and what is your favourite board game memory?

I think my favourite would have to be Balderdash, the one where it has the five categories (films, date, acronym, name, word). My favourite memory of it is from a few years ago while Gareth's parents were visiting and Gareth's Mum went into hysterics over a film synopsis I made up about a Clydesdale horse that pulled carts by day and solved crimes at night. Now they are out again I think we will need to dust off the board and play again.

Our own game girl is available on Etsy, just don't let her be the boot in Monopoly. She is always the car.

Ps if anyone finds those primary ballet flats in real life please let me know.