Friday, October 25, 2013

Once we ruin Earth we can shift to....

Let's all move to planet birthday and eat cake cake cake! This card is available on Etsy for all those people into space travel, Sci Fi, eating cake, anti gravity balloons and rocket ships.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Etsy sale today!

We are having an Etsy sale today. Head over to our Etsy shop and buy anything until 5pm today (AEST) and you will get 25% off (pre shipping and tax).


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Overseas Eating

For our newsletter competition back in June we asked people what their worst overseas food experience was. We had a lot of laughs as the responses came in and decided to draw some of them for the next newsletter.

Here are some of the drawings.

2014 Calendars - KITTY!

We have been pretty busy the last few months getting our calendars ready. Each year I like to change the size up so they are a little different from the year before. Back in 2010 we had a long thing calendar, 2011 was A5, 2012 was A4, 2013 was A4 that opened to a double spread and this year is a cute little square, measuring 21cm by 21cm and opens up to be a bit bigger than an A4 sheet.

This is our kitty calendar above and boy did I have fun drawing the images. 12 months of kit kit crazy kitty action. It is available now on Etsy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's Been Going On?

The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind in the Able And Game office and we have taken a bit of a blog hiatus. So we might just condense the last few months into one post. Here we go!!

In August we had our trade fair Life Instyle in Melbourne at the Carlton Exhibition Buildings. This is our chance to meet up with new and existing stockists and for them to look at our product range, place orders and things like that.

Gareth rocking the hi vis and hammer look.

Only a few weeks later I found myself over in the UK doing the Autumn Fair International in Birmingham. It all came together really quickly and was an exciting week. We now have our cards stocked in a few shops in the UK and hope to see that grow over the next few years.

By Tuesday the wallpaper had had enough and decided to collapse.
This was an interesting morning!

A week after getting back from the UK I was off again on a much earlier planned trip to South East Asia with my Mum and Sister. We had a total wow of a time and I can thoroughly recommend grown up family travelling. I am not sure Mum would describe it as grown up as we may have behaved like teenage girls at various points on the trip.

Temples and trees!

Now I am back in Australia and have been working hard to get our Christmas range ready. We have our 2014 calendars in stock and have been busy designing Christmas cards as well as other gift ware. Bring on the silly season!!!