Friday, November 25, 2011


I just checked the weather and it looks like it will be nice (as long as the shower clears) this Sunday for Markit. I've seen and heard lots of promotion for it including the poster across the road from us as well as on RRR. We will be near Beer Deluxe and I think I will be wanting to have a beer when it is all over. Lucky it is a certain someones birthday that day so we have an excuse to get on the razz. Not that we ever need one! So come along say hello, there is loads of amazing people there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Suzuki Night Market

The Suzuki Night Market at the Queen Vic Market in Melbourne has been going for 14 years. This year we are taking part for the whole season and going from regular market carnies to hard core market carnies. We had our first outing last Wednesday and both slept well that night.

Having taken part in many a market on a hard ground I knew the most important thing we needed (after stock I guess) was rubber mats and I said to Gareth near the end of the night that without them I would have been sobbing in the corner. We will be there again tonight from 5.30pm - 10pm and plan over the 12 weeks to try some of the food at all the stalls.

You can see Gareth peeking up in that last picture, we got some new card displays from fellow Rose Streeter Carey Potter and they are pretty amazing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Having travelled earlier in the year I've spent the remainder of the year realising how amazing Melbourne is. It has so much support for all things creative and I think that is an important thing. At this time of year there are all sorts of fun and interesting things going on and Melbournalia is one of them. Kate from Elly Oak and I attended the opening briefly before we nicked off for our Illustrator Course (only one drink consumed!) and as I stood in the crowded room I thought about how people often talk about great ideas, but when they happen it is pretty amazing. You know a lot of work went on behind the scene to make it happen, yet it seems so effortless.

Melbournia Home is an amazing space, down a lane way, around a corner and up some old wooden stairs. It is the space that you wish you had as an art studio in those little daydreams you have when you're knee deep in mess in your own small space. They have a great range of Melbourne products and no matter how many times you see an Ink and Spindle quilt and Emily Green necklace or an Otto and Spike blanket you're still amazed every time.

There is not one but four locations opening throughout November and December in the Melbourne CBD including the Melbournalia Home, Captains, Parlour and League. So if you want a bit of an alternative to the usual shopping experience then pop along to one of the locations. They also have a postal service if you have friends and relatives overseas.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sauce Birthday Boy

I made this card a few weeks ago but realised that it wasn't quite right. It needed something extra, so I drew him a colourful hat and some beer cans. I'm not sure if calling alcohol sauce is an Australian thing, but there is something rather funny about it. I love any word for alcohol that isn't alcohol, some of my favourites being razz, grog (this is my Dad's favourite!), juice and booze. We have the card available on Etsy and at lots and lots of markets coming up till Christmas. So many that I will well and truly be on the sauce on Christmas Day! You can check our website for the current list of markets.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We have a new Melbourne card based on the station at Werribee, a photo we finally got a chance to take when we were coming back from Geelong last month. We decided to stay the night for a wedding and had a Sunday off together for the first time since January. We stopped by Williamstown for fish n chips and took it nice and easy all day (maybe also due to festivities the night before!). This card feels rather close to home with Gareth and I coming up to a decade of relationship, it almost feels like we have been together forever!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gin and Tonic Weather

A few months ago we made the card below as we were dreaming of warm weather. Gareth was a bit confused who would buy it and why but I stuck to my guns as it was the exact card I would buy for my brother's fiance. The last 8-12 weeks it has been selling pretty well and Rose Street and I've been enjoying chatting to people about who they are giving it to and why.

The other weekend when it was 30 degrees I realised the card had lost its relevance and needed an update as now it was time for gin.

Quick question, when I spoke to Gareth about the card below he thought it was a woman, but I drew it as a man. What do you think?

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Tea Towels

We have two new tea towel designs to add to our growing range. The Zombie and Lovely Meals tea towels came back from our screen printer last week to much excitement. I think the zombie towel is a new favourite with all the zombies coming from our card designs. Poor old Tuna Casserole Mum is holding a brain casserole. I can't think of anything worse to eat!

Here they are in a bit more detail: