Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guess what time of year it is?

Here are some things we notice when the silly season kicks in:

1. Shared/communal fridges always seem to have a few 6 packs of beer in them instead of Tupperware containers with salads.
2. Christmas carols don't annoy you too much when played in the supermarket. Unless they are modern carols. Nobody likes those.
3. There is always an excess of chocolate around.
4. You start 'panic purchasing' Christmas gifts.
5. You developing an I'll do it tomorrow approach to things like exercise, making your own lunch (this is how beer ends up in the fridge people!), making your own dinner and reading your books.

This card is available on Etsy, perfect for someone you like to sink piss with at Christmas time.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We are super excited for this weekend because it is the very first Big Design Market starting tomorrow. The guys behind it made this super ace film (which I heard was going to be on SBS!) which I think is well worth a look just to swoon over all the amazing products.

We have been busy bees getting everything ready including a really different way to display our products. I'm not sure how it is going to work because I'm not going to have a big wall of cards to hide behind, but I'm excited to see how it goes.

There is many many different people who will be taking part, as well as food and drink. They will have Gypsy Cider there and I had a glass the other night at the pub and it was delish. I normally don't like cider but this stuff was really good, probably because it is a little sweeter.

Here are all the details for the market:

Dates + hours
Friday 7th Dec 10am–9pm
Saturday 8th Dec 10am–5pm
Sunday 9th Dec 10am–5pm

Royal Exhibition Building
Nicholson St,
Carlton Gardens
Melbourne, Australia

Here are some of my pics for Christmas:
For the tea fan in your life, these Earl and Lady Grey felt coasters are ideal.

For the gardener in your life, these jelly-esque hanging plant holders by Angus and Celeste would suit someone with a nice little outdoor garden space.

For the woman who likes colour, an Emily Green necklace.

For someone who still harks back to the '70s, a Retro Print Revival rocket lamp. 

For the bloke who wears boxers, 100% cotton boxers from The Artful Boxer. 

For the scientist in your life, these little lightboxes from Two Layers of Cells would be perfect. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We had the idea for this card for so long and it wasn't until we did our massive Western Suburbs drive one Sunday that we finally got the picture for the card. On the way back from Melton we were driving towards the airport and remembered hearing rumours of a Mr. Whippy van feeding all the planespotters at a special viewing point. Minutes later we were pulled up watching the Boeings come over the top of us eating soft serve cones that didn't Melton that fast because it was the middle August. Our Melton lady is available on Etsy, we dig her over sized Arran knit jumper/dress.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

7 things we loved about Tasmania

Gareth and I went over to Tasmania a couple of months ago on a mini trip before the Christmas Carny Season began. We had a lovely few days and Hobart is definitely a must go place. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Mona. I have to admit I was worried that people were saying it was really good because those were the rules. Lucky they were not lying. I felt like I was in both a Bond film and a David Lynch film only it was full of amazing art.

2. The boat ride over to Mona. It was freezing cold from the wind, but boat rides are always a good way to see a city. So it was worth being cold.

3. Cheap beer. Hello $4 Cascade pints at the Brisbane Hotel.

4. Pool. I beat Gareth. This rarely happens.

5. Mount Wellington. We got a tour bus up there, the driver had personality, the view was pretty amazing and there was snow.

6. Dinner at Smolt. It was late on a Tuesday and they were still open. The food and wine was amazing and I may have seen a certain bass player from a certain band I was pretty obsessed with at age 16. I internally OMGEEEEEEED.

7. The Cascade Brewery. The building reminded me of something from a Tim Burton film and with the mountain behind it it was pretty spectacular. Plus drinking outside during the day is always fun.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Canberra Card - Dickson

A couple of Sunday's ago while I was at the North Melbourne Market I was thinking about the following weekend and how I would be in Canberra for the Undercurrent Market. I thought about how they don't have a train network so making station cards for the city wouldn't be able to happen. Then I remembered the signs they have for each suburb look just like station signs. I smsed my Canberra residing brother to tell him of my idea, while also looking at a map of the city to see if the names were good for making cards. Turns out they were and less than 6 hours later I had an inbox full of pictures thanks to my Brother and his trusty bride to be.

Now Dickson was an interesting one because it contains the word dick which is a little tee hee hee. I had that sure is a big Dickson in my head, but knew we were not actually going to make a card that said that. Gareth and I had a pre sleep brain storm (the one where ideas are often not written down) and I came up with the Richard Nixon Mask card below. I realised I was onto something when I discovered Richard Nixon Mask has its own Wikipedia page (sure it needs citations and verification but I'm taking it). After I finished the drawings and set the card up it made me laugh and feel all happy inside like the time I made the I Touched a Cat card. We made a few little changes (the famous hand gesture and the Watergate t-shirt) and we were off. The card is available on Etsy.