Friday, June 28, 2013

TV Show Mashups

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Limited Edition Postcard Giveaway - This Sunday at Rose Street Market

This Sunday 30th June at Rose Street we are having a special giveaway. To help celebrate the closing of the Pizza Festival (the event has sold out but you can still come along to the market) we have made a limited edition postcard that will only be available this Sunday (until our supply runs out).

We thought we would stick with a pizza theme and celebrate the dream party my Mum had for us as teenagers, the pizza party! Complete with our old mini CD player, the card features how the party would play out. Everyone would get to choose their own toppings and make their own pizza and then there would be a disco in the lounge room. FUN TIMES! Sadly for my Mum it was the '90s when teenagers had to be sad sacks and we never took Mum up on the offer. This is one of my life regrets! Come along on Sunday, have a look around Rose Street and collect your postcard from our stall. We can talk about pizza, parents and parties!

Rose Street Market
60 Rose Street
11am - 5pm

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting High On The HashTags

I know I said in our last blog post that I love made up words and changes in language. One exception to that is hashtag talk, which seems to be creeping into all sorts of places. I even doing like it much in the birthplace of hashtag talk, twitter. I don't know why it bugs me, maybe because often whole sentences are mashed together and it takes me 10 seconds to read a sentence when it should only take one second (whoa, massive first world problem there!). Being a bit of and old fashioned grouch isn't something people like, so I know I am going to have to learn to love them the same way I learnt to love pumpkin, red wine and green tea. I guess this card is my toe in the water when it comes to learning to love the hashtag. It is available on Etsy, perfect for that smart phone addict in your life. If you do buy it just made sure you write your entire #message #inside #using #hashtags. #LOL!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Tea Towel - Totes Def Amaze Balls

While we were away we sent off this design to the screen printers so we arrived back to the office and were welcomed with a brand new tea towel full of purple goodness. I'm not sure why we have not printed in purple before because it a great colour but also a colour I snob a lot. Well foolish me as this shade of purple really is totes def amaze balls.

The tea towels are available in our Etsy shop for that special amaze balls person  in your life. Maybe even a totes def amaze balls person who doesn't much like all this new modern language and internet speak. Do you find these new words and language a bit too much? I've always been a big fan of silly words, although it took me a long time to come around to LOL. I also often make up my own words with one of the current ones being "gongies" which means going or leaving, as in "are we gongies?". Lucky Gareth understands them and also makes up a few of his own, although being a couple that appears to have their own language is a scary thought. I am looking forward to these strange words become normal everyday in the dictionary words. I'm sure one day in the very distant future a grandchild of mine may come home with a school report in which their behaviour is described as amaze balls. I hope when this happens I'll remember this day and age and have a smirk on my face.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And we're back

Gareth and I are back from our month overseas, back into the cold but loving embrace of Melbourne. Not that we had some kind of crazy summer extravaganza while we were away, tights were always worn, rain jackets mandatory and 20 degrees a rare treat. We did have some lovely Scottish sunshine the week before we left and with the sun setting around 10.30pm at night, it is making Melbourne seem like some kind of dungeon. Winter however has its perks so we are not complaining, merely observing the difference.

We took loads of dorky travel selfies like the one above (Arc De Triomphe!), had lots of fun family time and did a trade show in London, so it was one of those we need a holiday from our holiday type of trips. We also ate far too much food in Paris (cake for breakfast? Why not), learnt about the pleasure that is french wine ate some pretty rubbish (Gareth loves it) Scottish food. Yes, we had deep fried pizza and Gareth spoke about 'flavour profiles' while eating it.

Now we are back in the office, working hard on all the new products we need to get finished including new cards (Father's Day), new calendar designs for 2014 and new tea towels (the first will be one that is totally inspired by the food we ate in Paris). We are also bunking down, cooking soup, turning the couch into a boat and watching our shows to recover from the holiday.