Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Tea Towel - Totes Def Amaze Balls

While we were away we sent off this design to the screen printers so we arrived back to the office and were welcomed with a brand new tea towel full of purple goodness. I'm not sure why we have not printed in purple before because it a great colour but also a colour I snob a lot. Well foolish me as this shade of purple really is totes def amaze balls.

The tea towels are available in our Etsy shop for that special amaze balls person  in your life. Maybe even a totes def amaze balls person who doesn't much like all this new modern language and internet speak. Do you find these new words and language a bit too much? I've always been a big fan of silly words, although it took me a long time to come around to LOL. I also often make up my own words with one of the current ones being "gongies" which means going or leaving, as in "are we gongies?". Lucky Gareth understands them and also makes up a few of his own, although being a couple that appears to have their own language is a scary thought. I am looking forward to these strange words become normal everyday in the dictionary words. I'm sure one day in the very distant future a grandchild of mine may come home with a school report in which their behaviour is described as amaze balls. I hope when this happens I'll remember this day and age and have a smirk on my face.