Saturday, November 28, 2009

I see what you got

We have some more Christmas Tags available on Etsy, these ones feature a super cute (and nerdy!) boy who has some pretty spiffy x-ray specs that lets him see what's in your gift. They are available on Etsy as a pack of six as well as our up coming markets. They come in cute little stitched envelopes made from an old atlas like this and have red string to attach to pretty gifts.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Romantic Christmas Cards

With our range of Able and Game Christmas Cards I couldn't help doing something romantic with some super dorky people. I love how these Harry and Harriet Highpants turned out and I could imagine them at the staff Christmas Party, sitting and waiting for someone in accounts to walk past. They are both available on our Christmas Section on Etsy as well as Rose Street this weekend. Gareth will be manning the stall all weekend so if you're in Fitzroy pop on down and say hello to him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't kiss your sister Luke!

So we have some more gift tags available in the Etsy shop. This one is based on a joke Gareth once told me and I figured Christmas is the perfect time for dorky jokes. Maybe next year we should make Christmas Crackers because Gareth has a truck load of jokes suitable for crackers. Did you hear about the magic tractor? It turned into a field. Gold.

Anyway these tags are
available on Etsy in packs of six, or at our upcoming markets which I have put up on the Able and Game website. For those of you in Sydney we will be down next weekend at Finders Keepers with cards, calendars and references to not only Star Trek, but Star Wars.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I think it is time...

... to talk Christmas Cards! I've been designing them the last few months and found it hard to not blog about them, but I think mid November is about the time you actually start thinking about who you're going to send cards to, particularly if you have friends and loved ones overseas. This card is a redesign of a well loved birthday card that translated well to a Christmas card, because how many times has the lack of AA's been the cause of disappointment on Christmas morning?

When coming up with which carol to use Good King Wenceslas seemed perfect. It is one of my favourites, although I always thought the words went "Good King Wencless last looked out, on the feast of Stephen". This cards is available on Etsy as well as at Rose Street Artist Market this Saturday and Sunday for those of you in Melbourne. And this weekend looks like it will be under 30 degrees. What a novelty!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pour Vous

These Christmas gift tags have a little bit of French inspiration. With the text reading 'pour vous' and a cute little French man, they are just right for beautiful gifts this Christmas. The tags are A7 in size and come in a pack of 6, with a hole and red thread for easy attachment to gifts. We will also be doing some place settings and tree decorations in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boy version

We now have a boy version of our I love you this much card and this guy is pretty cool in his green vest and bow tie. He is available on Etsy along with the girl version.

So what has been going in Able and Game land for the last few weeks? Designing new cards, new calendars and getting ready for all the markets we have coming up till Christmas. The next two months will see us going up to Sydney for
Finders Keepers on the 4th and 5th of December as well as the Christmas @ Meat Market in December in North Melbourne. The Melbourne Design Market on Sunday 6th of December and Thread Den's North Melbourne Market this Sunday at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street as well as our usual spot at Rose Street every Saturday and Sunday. We are looking forward to all of these markets, particularly the interstate trip. Almost makes us feel like we are jet setters!