Monday, September 18, 2017

Six Things Every Cat Lover Understands

Think about all the delightful things that exist in the world.
I bet patting a kitty belly is right up there with the best of the best.
The fur on a belly is so soft and when a cat lets you touch them they are
basically telling you they trust you, a huge human with big hands that are probably cold.

If I am presented with a choice of products and one of them has a cat on it,
hands down it will be the one I select.
If your steering wheel club lock doesn't have a cat on it,
is it even worth owning?

We have a cat scratching post in our front room and our cat has taken to
sitting on it when we leave and arrive home.
Seeing her as we pull into the driveway is so sweet,
we wave as we come in, she doesn't wave back.


Imagine you're watching Game of Thrones.
Now imagine all the swords are replaced with kitty litter scoops
Dirty kitty litter scoops. The show just got so much better yeah?

This seems to happen to Gareth every night,
and he has this weird cat allergy that comes and goes.
Sometimes the cat sitting on his lap with claws digging in causes huge welts to appear,
yet he will never say no to her sitting on his lap.


When you visit someone's house and they have a cat,
it can turn a good day into an amazing day.
Even if the cat hides under the bed the whole time
(you're willing to get down on all fours to take a peek!),
it's still nice to know there is a cat in your vicinity.


Here is an image with all the drawings for your fancy kitty board on Pinterest.
Because if you don't have a kitty board on Pinterest are you even a cat lover?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The six types of cats you meet on your walk

If you're anything like me then the highlight of walking around town is spotting cats. We know we are not the only ones, there is a Facebook group dedicated to the activity and points can be won for the best cat spots. Internet points! The world really is a magical place.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of the six most common cats you will meet on your walks around town.

The classic cat is all about showing you all of the skills they have learned at Kitty Academy. They spot you walking down the street, they run over, they rub their smell over you and the footpath. They purr, they meow, the are friendly, then aloof moments later. When you get your phone out to snap a picture they move just at you press the button, leaving you with a blurry mess that will get you no internet points. Typical cat.

In my cat spotting experience big boys are always friendly and always willing to let you go in for a belly rub. I wonder if they are friendly because they think you might drop a few chunks of chicken on the ground for them? Personally, this is my general motivation for being friendly with people.

Oh, hard to reach cat, why have you forsaken me? Just move four inches closer and I could be touching your gloriously fluffy coat. I rub my fingers together, I slow blink, I make weird purring/brrring noises and hope and pray that they will edge just a little bit closer. Often a stranger will walk past and give me a funny look and I get embarrassed and pretend I'm tying my shoe laces. So darn frustrating and so darn cute!

You spot them, they are super adorable but as you get closer the scaredy cat runs off. You stop and look, darting your eyes around looking to all the best kitty hiding locations. You spy them hiding in a bush, staring you down like you're some kind of mutant dog beast who hasn't showered in 8 weeks. I usually give these cats a friendly slow blink and wave goodbye and hope three doors down there is a big boy who will want a mega pat.

Oh dear, it's the scratchy cat! Let's just start by stating that as cat lovers the scratch is worth it. But jings, it comes as a shock. We have a cat that lives near us that I have dubbed One Eye McScratchins after it clawed Gareth's hand. He was being very ambitious, going in for a belly rub on a cat that has one eye. McScratchins was swift in his scratching maneuver, there was a flash of the paw followed by the squeal of a man in his mid 30s who realised he had made a terrible mistake.

Oh, now this is my favourite find when walking the streets, the two for the price of one cat. If one acts aloof and walks off, the other is there to make up for it with friendly leg rubs and longing looks, then they grow bored of you and the other one is back at you with their tale curling around you legs.

What is your favourite cat to meet when out and about?
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Friday, September 8, 2017

What is the perfect way to spend your birthday?

 What is the perfect way to spend your birthday?

We love birthdays and so we are celebrating Happy Birthday Month here at Able And Game because September is a month chock full of birthdays. So much cake! So much fun! So many greeting cards to send.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Month at Able And Game

We are celebrating Happy Birthday Month this September because so many people we know seem to be born in this awesome month.

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