Monday, March 22, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

This week was a pretty fun week. We got to see the Yen Fashion show with a bunch of girls from Leeloo. We had a lovely weekend at Rose Street hanging with our Rose Street people. And this weekend we are over to Adelaide for Bowerbird Bazaar. We also have some new cards. A couple of new cards for Mother's Day in May and a redesign of an old romantic card:

The Award For Best Mum is all about George Clooney or Alec Baldwin giving you're Mum a special statue. Maybe that would be a good gify for Mother's Day, get your Mum a trophy that says World's Best Mum. I'm sure it isn't that hard, and you know it would go straight to the pool room.

You're Fun Mum
is for those fun loving Mums. Maybe the ones that organised disco pizza parties where all your friends got to make their own pizza and you danced to 2unlimited. Let me hear you say yeah!

Leave Your Toothbrush
is for that time in your relationship when you start using each other's toothbrush and you don't seem to mind. Sharing gingivitis is kinda like getting married right?