Friday, July 2, 2010

Here kitty kitty

In recent years (the last 26 years?) I have been a bit cat crazy. When I was a kid I always got cat related gifts including books on how to look after cats, cat calendars, posters of kittens hanging off a branch and enlarged photos of my own cats. The last few years, due to renting, we have not had a cat so my catsession has grown to what one might like to call dangerous levels. If you have a cat I will listen to your cat stories and not get bored. I will tell other people your cat stories until well past the stage where they thought eye rolling would shut me up. You can go cat crazy on me and I will keep up. So making cat related cards is something I like to do.

Gareth is well aware of this, so to get me to draw up his own card ideas he has them featuring cats. This makes me want to draw them quick smart and so his ideas get made, like the one above. This card made his debut at Brisbane Finders Keepers and like all new cards we were unsure how people would react. Turns out big boy was rather popular and the last one left was snapped up early Sunday morning. This made us both very happy because I think he is in our top 5 Able and Game cards of all time. The card is available on Etsy, as well as at Rose Street this weekend. Come along and say meow hello and if you have a cat come tell me all of your stories, or better still bring the kitty along!*

*Free cards for anyone bringing along their cats!