Monday, May 16, 2011

21st Birthdays

It was a long time ago that I celebrated my 21st Birthday. It was a very low key affair compared to most, a house party in Ballarat with the guest of honour being my 15 year old brother. We called him Birrell (after the non alcoholic beer) but he drunk his body weight in Fruity Lexia that night. The speeches were made on a single bed in our lounge room and I think I spilt my wine all over the bed while standing up on the bedhead most likely screeching non sensicles to a bemused audience. Now I understand why my parents left around 8pm leaving a cask of wine and a hope that my sharehouse would remain upright. Thank god we didn't decide to do a goon yard glass. That would have been a disaster!

This card is now available on Etsy. DO NOT suggest a goon yard glass if giving this card to someone, you know what kids are like these days. Exactly what we were like at 21.