Friday, June 17, 2011

It's been on the cards

We made some Ha Ha Ha 30 cards over a year ago for a friend's birthday (yes, when he turned 31 we gave him the same card with a one scribbled after the three) and we made a Ha Ha Ha 40 after a few requests. We then started getting requests for a Ha Ha Ha 50 card but I was unsure if people would buy it. After being assured by many women it would be perfect to give to a girlfriend turning 50 I realised it was a card that we needed to make. I said to one lady at the market that it was on the cards when she asked for it. Wow, what a bad pun, and I didn't even realise when I said it, because even though it was on the cards it wasn't on our cards. We have this listed on Etsy and we will also have some at Rose Street this weekend.