Friday, June 3, 2011

Why yes I have been working out

A few years ago I decided to take up running. Working from home meant I could go during the day and it was free so you got none of that gym-guilt you feel when not only are you not working out, but you're paying for it as well. Having just shifted to a new location I missed my old perfectly mapped out route but I've found myself a running buddy and got back into it tonight. I'm super slow and end up with the reddest face in the world but I can run for about 5km and I don't have to have any money direct debited from my bank account to do so. Totally win win!

One running memory that has always stuck in my mind was from back in the late '80s when I wasn't too bad at running. Primary school with its kiss chasy, regular chasy and dacking season was a non stop training session for both the short and middle distance runner. I used to do Little Aths and I was running a race against a boy I thought was kinda hot stuff. I remember coming around the bend just ahead of him and his brother yelling out from the sidelines something about a woman beating him. At that point I was trying to beat him to impress him, but after that I just wanted to annoy his older brother. I was also confused as to why he was calling me woman when I was only ten. Turns out a woman didn't beat him, but I certainly did try!