Friday, July 22, 2011

24 lazy eyes

This is the design for one of our new tea towels available on Etsy. When I started to think about how we would turn this design into a tea towel I wasn't sure if I should have the boy or the girl from the original cards on the tea towel. I then had a think about it and realised having a lot of people winking would be much more fun. I wanted a nice mix of boys and girls, some cool, some dorky, some pretty and some a bit plain. I spent an afternoon drawing all the people and felt a bit drained afterwards. I didn't use anything as a reference so coming up with fresh ideas for each person, particularly hairstyles got a bit difficult near the end and I emptied the mental archives I have from years spent people watching. I think one of my favourites is the bearded person at the bottom and the woman third down on the right.