Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm sitting down

Sometimes when you think about someone's birthday you get so excited because you just know they are going to put on something special. A nice dinner at a restaurant you're too scared to go to unless you're with someone who knows the drill, a party where the host understands the importance of lighting, or just a good old cake-o-thon. We have our new card listed on Etsy and we will be at Revolver Market this Thursday night and Rose Street this weekend.

Speaking of parties, this weekend I'm heading back to Gippsland for my cousins 21st and I have to admit I'm pretty excited. There will be:

  • Costumes, I'm dressing as a man.

  • Ample booze in my Dad's never ending esky of fun.
        Standard Beer: VB tinnies
        Fancy Beer: Crown Lager

  • A dance floor big enough to get at least 1 sibling and 2 cousins doing the robot to Mustang Sally.

  • Decorations that would make Jamie Durie wish he was hosting a TV Challenge show called "Cricket Club Halls: Make 'em Fancy".