Monday, July 2, 2012

An Able and Game advert

Back in March we got an email from Jasmine, a third year film and television student from Swinburne who wanted to create a commercial for us for one of her projects. I think we got the email on a Sunday night and when Gareth and I saw each other we were both really excited, asking if we had both read that email.

We met up with Jasmine and spoke about lots of different ways we could turn our cards into a story for a commercial and somehow the I touched a cat and I liked it card got mentioned. It was great fun brainstorming ideas and thinking about our product in a completely different context and Jasmine had some interesting 'outsider perspective' ideas we probably wouldn't have thought of. After our chat Jasmine went off and came up with a script, then set about finding some actors to cast. We got a few sneak peeks and I was really getting excited about seeing the final product and about a week before it was finished I was thinking about it a lot. Jasmine came around the day before we went on our trip (high priority before we left) with the DVD to watch it and we both decided it was the best thing ever.

Jasmine told us that on the day of filming it was super hot but David had to wear the woollen jumper (I'm sure I've drawn something similar before, the outfit was very Able and Game). Pepe the cat didn't come from this lady, but is in fact Jasmine's cat. The last shot of David and Pepe took a few takes to try and get Pepe in the actual shot. Turns out the old adage don't work with kids and animals might be true.

Jasmine was also a total sweetheart and got us a present to say thank you, which was completely unnecessary but totally perfect for the office: