Friday, August 10, 2012


Turn your wall into an Atlas.

We got a into the new HBO show Veep. If you can watch it you should.

This weekend I think I'm going to make a mandarin cake. I found a few recipes but I think I might experiment.

Yellow handbag.

My friend Kirsteene sent me this. These cartoons are very good, this is a particular favourite. It is also littered with cat cartoons.

The Finders Keepers blog has a new Five Favourite feature.

Melbourne food blogs are getting more prevalent. This one is a favourite.

What are you thoughts on Pinterest? Are you addicted? We have one but I don't really get it and often get sensory overload where all the pretty stuff starts to look the same and my brain hurts. I also have a few frustrations with nothing being correctly sourced and the trip down the Tumblr hole you end up going on to find out who create whatever it is you're looking at. This interesting article talks about how it is the worst social networking site on the internet. I don't think it is the worst but I still don't quite get it.

The image above was taken on our recent trip. I think Moreland Council should do one for Brunswick.