Thursday, November 8, 2012

What we have been reading

I read America Psycho a few months back after reading Easton Ellis twittering about what Patrick Bateman would be like now. The book is disturbing in so many ways and reminded me a lot of his other book Less Than Zero. I find it interesting to read about these kind of rich, shallow existences and wonder if it is really true. Now whenever I see a guy in a sharp suit "BATEMAN BATEMAN" goes through my head.

Based on the cover Gareth thinks it is about: A well mannered American decides to experiment with flaying the skin off the top of his face.


Moonseed by Stephen Baxter was an enjoyable horror science fiction romp set in modern times. I wouldn't even say it was science fiction, it was more a disaster book really.

Based on the cover Anna thinks it is about: The moon decides he wants to donate to a sperm bank but is cruelly rejected. His anger in turn makes him fight for moon rights.