Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farm Life Part Two

I arrived back in Melbourne today from my little trip back to the family farm. It has been a busy start to the year after coming back from Scotland as we seemed to go straight from Valentine's Day into the Trade Show and then Mother's Day as well as all our markets. To add to this we also had the stress of buying our first home and shifting both house and office. I'm grateful the process is over because our weekly dealings with estate agents and researching properties was wearing thin. Everything is finally falling into place so a nice few days away with my parents looking after me was just what I needed to start fresh after all the big changes.

Yesterday I had the day to myself and went on a lovely long walk down to the lake. I like walking on my own but at one point in some long grass by the lake I realised if I found a snake I could be in trouble. I once had an encounter with a tiger snake when I was about four or five in the old tree stump in the bottom right hand photo above. The lake has risen a lot since the mid '80s and the hollow stump was just on the waters edge. I was playing inside as a baby tiger snake slid past by head, which didn't scare me as much as it did my Mum when I told her, and my Dad when he found the little thing! Lucky for me there were no snakes around yesterday despite it being super sunny and warm. I think this time I would have been pretty scared if I found one.

I took a little video of the pig and goat just so you can see how funny the pig is. The goat looks pretty nonplussed about everything but he is also super cute and loves being fed grass and scratched behind his ears.