Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farm Life

Look at this little odd couple! I'm back on the family farm on the Gippsland Lakes and got to meet little piggy, the new addition to my Mum's pet collection. She has had the Goat for a few years and little Piggy arrived at Christmas time. My brother had to buy a gift for my Mum and he asked me for advice on what to buy her. I told him something really nice that she wouldn't normally buy for herself and for some reason he thought a pig fitted this description. As Gareth and I were in Scotland for Christmas we didn't get to see the presentation of the pig, which would have been worth it for the look on my Dad's face. A mixture of WTF and LOL-OMG!

Having spend no time around pigs I have to say they are totally crazy. The little thing doesn't do cute oinky noises but screams and squeals with such ferociousness you would think she had never been fed. Goatie is not a fan of little pig girl, he gets a bit heatbutty with her when she gets too loud and comes too close which is basically all the time. I don't think Moreland Council or the people in our apartment building would like it if we got a pig and a goat as a pet, but we can dream can't we?