Friday, June 15, 2012

Road Trip Day Five: Memphis Tennessee to Little Rock Arkansas

Route: Memphis Tennessee to Little Rock Arkansas
Date: Sunday 9th June
Departed: 2.15 pm
Arrived: 5 pm
Stops: None
Distance: 242 km
Arguments: dunno

Today we had a lovely relaxed morning. We stayed with Taryn on and she makes the best cookies we've ever tried. We had an amazing breakfast and morning tea and hung out with her and her cute cat. Then we headed over to Mud Island (as far as I could tell it isn't a real island, but there are two bridges and a monorail to get to it, so it feels very important!). I'd read there was a civil war reenactment and I wanted to see it. Turns out there was people in costumes and old school guns going off, but no actual reenactment. What they did have was this huge model of the Mississippi River. It's worth going over just to see it and although it's a little dated, this adds to its appeal. We also went to the Metal Museum. Biggest disappointment there was that I didn't get to see the two house cats that lived there (they had a white one that apparently wasn't white anymore, I discovered their food was in the blacksmith shed and made enquiries about them). They had two exhibitions that were amazing, one by Lauren Kalman and another by Virgil England: both worth looking up.