Friday, June 15, 2012

Road Trip Day Four: Nashville to Memphis

Route: Nashville Tennessee to Memphis Tennessee
Date: Saturday 8th June
Departed: 11 am
Arrived: 4.22 pm
Stops: None
Distance: 408 km
Arguments: 1

Today we got up with big plans to attend a (wait for it...) a Star Trek convention. When I discovered it was on when we would be in Nashville I was stoked (Radiohead was also performing, hey you win some/lose some). We didn't buy tickets as we were not sure how our road trip would pan out, but we figured it wouldn't sell out. We got to the venue (epic argument and valuable lessons about driving/navigating were had) and it was a hotel that could have been used as a deep space 9 ship. Big atrium and our only thoughts, how many air cons keep this space, with a glass roof, cool?

We got to the suites and discovered a rather large line full of people dressed up. Suddenly our desire to enter went down. After waiting 1.5 hours in line at immigration in San Fran my line limit is 4 minutes. I was sad, then Gareth pointed out that all the ***stars*** were sitting at a table signing autographs and you could just walk up and see them. Two things I wanted from the convention, to see Riker, Geordie LaForge, Q and Troi and see fans dressed up. Both boxes ticked, off we went to Memphis!

We stayed in a great place in Memphis, went to a rather lovely venue called Mollie Fontaine Lounge (in an old Victorian house) and drunk pretty pink cocktails.